Undoubtedly, vehicles are very useful for us in getting from one place to another quickly. Today, car rental has become very common. Renting a car is useful for traveling to places easily without owning a car or for compulsory needs.


There are features that the lessor company checks to let you rent the vehicle. Certain legal requirements are required for this lease.


License duration; People who want to rent a car must have a driver’s license for at least two years. Of course, if you want to rent a more luxurious car, this period will be three years. Delivery and return Conditions for insurance Vehicle can be used by more than one person Tank Conditions for insurance Limit in kilometers Payment type How long the vehicle was rented for You cannot go out of the country by car, you cannot travel between countries with the car you rented. When these conditions are met, you can rent the vehicle as you wish, within a certain period of time.